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A Danny Cox Program For Salespeople and Employees

This dynamic presentation is a tested format that Danny used in teaching his individual team members how to push back their own personal barriers to higher productivity. The result was an amazing 800% increase in job performance.

The step-by-step high performance process is as follows:

  • A Realistic Situation Appraisal - An unblinking look at the effect inertia has had on the individual's current situation.

  • Selection of Desired Rewards - How to select the desired rewards that make the effort expended in achieving them go virtually unnoticed.

  • Determining and Developing Strengths - How to discover the inner strengths that become the tools used in achieving the desired rewards.

  • Planning for Accomplishment - How to layout the strategy that makes the most efficient use of the strengths available.

  • Putting the Plan in Action - How to overcome the anxiety when it's time to launch the plan for higher achievement.

  • Expecting the Unexpected - How to solve the new problems encountered as a result of the launched plan.

  • Keeping Morale High - How to maintain a positive approach to all situations in spite of the "growing pains."

  • Today's Challenge for Growth - How to breakdown the "self-imposed barriers" that can cause today and tomorrow to be a repeat of yesterday.

Choose the sixty to ninety minute or one half-day format.

Hear what clients are saying ...

WOW! Your presentation at our Sales Meeting has gotten incredibly positive reviews. Both form and content were powerful and memorable, as you held everyone's interest and attention throughout the entire program. It was a terrific way to deliver the message of "staying focused on your #1 PRIORITIES" to our team. Your use of humor throughout your talk really engaged the audience, and kept them receptive to the entire program.
Ann Marie Bushell, Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing

Thank you for an inspiring keynote message to kickoff our annual sales conference. Your message was extraordinary and the feedback from our attendees has been unanimously positive. As you know, you are the only speaker we've ever invited to address our group in consecutive years. You exceeded our high expectations both years! You have a special gift in your communications skills.
Richard Maddox, Vice President, Sales and Marketing

We were most fortunate to have you as our featured speaker for the Salespersons' Breakfast and the Business Insights Seminar. Your great sense of humor along with your sound suggestions provided participants with useful and enjoyable presentations. I heard comments like "This was meant for me and so timely in my new position" and "I wish I had waited to conduct my sales meeting until I had Danny's suggestions in hand - I would have handled the meeting much better." "I'll certainly use his strategies the next time." Your high level of energy and enthusiasm is a great example for us all.
Karen T. Doolen, Vice President

Thanks for the outstanding presentation you delivered at our Sales Rally. This was a challenging audience; one that faced numerous obstacles and limits to success. In one hour and fifteen minutes you energized them to demolish many of these barriers. I receive calls every day thanking me for the Sales Rally. Without fail, every caller expresses their sincere appreciation and delight at the quality of your presentation.
Tom Osha, Director of Special Events

Words and phrases like "Outstanding," "Great Message," and "Very Inspirational" are consistently used by our attendees when describing your talk. I feel like you really connected with our group with your energy, professionalism, and entertaining humor. After hearing your presentation we are all energized and truly believe "There Are No Limits."
Darol K. Paulsen, President, CEO

We knew you were good! What we didn't know was how beautifully you would interact with our group of extremely talented and aggressive sales personnel. These people have seen and heard it all. They really enjoyed your humor and your ability to focus attention and deliver a very strong message through some wonderful anecdotes and personal experiences.
Jack Trook, Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing

Thank you for your motivating talk given at the INTERMARK FINANCIAL SEMINAR. As a General Agent, I have about 30 insurance agents that I try to motivate, teach products and help to increase sales. All of us were thrilled, enlightened and excited about the concepts that you showed. I have heard several motivational speakers over the years and one of my favorites has always been Zig Ziglar. Your enthusiastic talk was more impressive than any that I have ever heard.
Dick Dixon, President

Thank you so much for your outstanding keynote address at our recent National Sales Conference! Our top Retirement Advisors from across the country are quite used to attending conferences and have heard a number of professional speakers make presentations. To your credit, the presentation was even better than we had hoped. It was both insightful and inspiring and, as an added bonus, it was delivered in an extremely humorous fashion. The response was overwhelmingly positive. Many Advisors told me that it was one of the best they had ever heard. The standing ovation that you received after the presentation was well deserved!
Michael J. Provines, President and Chief Operating Officer

The results are in. We had a great Sales Meeting! Since the meeting, I have personally heard from the majority of the attendees and they all remarked how stimulating and relevant your talk was to them. From a "charged up" group like mine, that's a real compliment indeed.
Ralph J. Henn, Vice President

Your talk to our salespeople was both inspiring and motivational and absolutely hit the mark on our corporate values and what we are striving for in developing a new corporate culture. Many of our salespeople commented to me that they found your presentation highly motivational and thought-provoking, and that your combination of serious ideas delivered with a good mix of humor, fun and personal sharing gave them a number of ideas to implement in both their professional and personal lives. Our sales people can be a tough audience, but you had their rapt attention from your opening statement through your closing words.
Francis J. Guthrie, Executive Vice President

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