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Danny Cox

Leadership When The Heat's On

Team members get better right after the coach does.

-- Danny Cox

This timely, high powered program turns managers into leaders. Danny reveals the self-developed characteristics of the great leaders, as well as how to build a record-breaking team. He shows how to search for and guide the development of the hidden potential of team members. It's the same system that turned his team into industry leaders and increased production over 800% in a five-year period.

All who attend leave with a clear and exciting understanding of their own leadership potential as well as the incredible potential within individual team members. When the team and coach develop personal potential, synergy flows in and record breakers are born. An unforgettable, life changing experience!

An overview:

  • The Manager's Daily Choice -- Two roads are available. One leads to growth producing change and the other to stagnation and sameness. The leader picks the road that demands the most of him or her.
  • Characteristics of the Great Leaders -- They are not inborn but self-developed characteristics that are constantly being made more and more a part of the leader's life.
  • The Million Dollar Plan of Action -- The system that builds a record breaking team. By accelerating the use of pent up strengths, new energy and spirit can be felt immediately.
  • The Four Levels of Motivation -- How to locate any team member's current level of motivation and the process needed to move that person up to the next level.
  • The Leader's Goal Setting Process -- Goals are all upstream. What it takes, what it costs and how to handle ensuing goal-blocking problems along the way are all part of the leader's plan for progress.
  • Keeping Morale High -- The system that builds morale sky-high. Team members are reluctant to leave a high morale organization. Therefore the leader is precisely in-tune with his or her own morale and also that of the team.

Accomplishment is your birthright. Limitations are adopted.

-- Danny Cox

Hear what clients are saying ...

If you want to know the road up the mountain, listen to the trailblazer who knows the way. That's why we keep inviting Danny back.
Stew Leonard, Founder
Stew Leonard's Dairy Store
Fortune's 100 Best Places to Work

I want to sincerely thank you for your recent presentation at the Edison Electric Institute for Chief Accounting Officers. Your dynamic presentation - Leadership When the Heat's On - gave this national group of chief accounting officers who must show leadership in their areas of responsibility thought-provoking points on showing outstanding leadership. Your excellent presentation was delivered in an entertaining manner that facilitated your thought-provoking points. The audience gave you outstanding reviews.
David Stringfellow
Director of Accounting
Edison Electric

Your presentation was outstanding. Your message on leadership and team development was insightful and energizing and gave us all something we could take back to our jobs and use to good advantage. Our objective with this year's conference was to invite the very best speakers from our previous conferences. You were one of the first ones that we thought about. You helped make this year's conference one of the best we've ever had.

Ken B. Bonifay, Director
Human Resources Business Accounts

Thank you very much for your participation in Siemens Telecom Networks' first annual Supervisors' meeting. You were a tremendous success and I've had only positive feedback from all attendees. You managed to take what little data we gave you and, using humor and wit, incorporated it into your leadership program. Your message really hit home.

James B. Glass, Vice President Manufacturing

Your keynote presentation entitled "Leadership When the Heat's On" was instrumental in establishing the tone of the Convention. You fulfilled your Mission Statement by providing both techniques and inspiration to help our dealers break through their performance barriers in the fields of leadership, service and personal productivity.

Don Blythe, President and General Manager
OK TIRE STORES, Langley, British Columbia

Your presentation was the hit of the conference with the highest evaluation scores, 9.2 out of 10 for value and 9.6 out of 10 for effectiveness. We believe your leadership messages will be of great benefit as best practices for Harris Managers to emulate.

J.A. Proctor
Program Management Executive Council

I've been present for two of your presentations and found the second time around to be just as rewarding as the first! Your message was very clear and the humor added to the enjoyment. As for the evaluations, of a possible score of 5.0 you scored 5.0!

Barbara J. Windland
Director, School of Leadership

Thank you for speaking at our 2000 Manager's Meeting in Atlanta. It's ironic that our theme was "Defining Excellence" because in my opinion your keynote was the definition of excellence! "Leadership When The Heat's On" was a big hit and I heard nothing but extraordinary comments about your performance.

Filemon Lopez
Senior Vice President, Advertising Sales

Thank you very much for a marvelous presentation. This is the third time that you have made a presentation to my management teams at different organizations over the last ten years. You were as fresh, exciting and fun this time as the first time. You left everyone with a very positive impression and many things to think about in improving our daily lives.

Steven W. Prough, Chairman

You did an outstanding job for us! Your information was perfect for our management group and the timing was just right as many people are in a stage in their career where your ideas really hit home and will be a big help to improving our company. You are truly a talented speaker. I give you an A+.

Tom Drumheller, President

Thank you, very much, for your wonderfully inspirational contribution to our Leadership conference. Your talk was not only inspirational, it had the right mix of enthusiasm, humor, insight & energy to provide the perfect ending to our three-day program.

Kathy Vance, Regional Education Director

I was thinking this week about the 76th Blue Ridge Conference on Leadership and what a huge success we had. Your session was one of the best-rated of the entire conference. You made the issue of "Leadership" come alive with your anecdotes, advice and personal testimony. To get a standing ovation from 900 participants, even those that were watching the session on TV's outside of the auditorium, says it all. Also, you made the program chairman (me) look very good.

Steve Garris, Daniel Management Center

Until recently I had considered myself to be a fairly successful manager. That is until I listened to you. Your comments made me look deep inside myself and examine who I really was. As it turns out, there is a great deal more that I am capable of doing in both my professional and personal life. You made an excellent point when you asked when each of our birthdays was. I now have listed on my desktop planner that my new birthday is May 6th.

Steven J. Bautz, Operations Manager

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