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Leadership When the Heat's On - Second Edition

Autographed Soft Back Book

"Danny Cox knows how to build a strong, high-morale team that outperforms market conditions. The techniques he shares in this book influenced me, and I know they will impact you also. Run, don't walk, to buy this book!"
-- John C. Maxwell, New York Times bestselling author of The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership and founder, The Injoy Group

John Maxwell has been recommending the First Edition of Danny's Leadership When the Heat's On to his audiences for several years. After you glance through the list of nuggets that make this Second Edition so special you'll see why he wrote the enthusiastic recommendation above.

Here's just the table of contents:

  • Impressing vs. inspiring - Pg. 21
  • How to pick a new manager - Pgs. 42-45
  • Three steps to growing as a leader - Pgs. 59-60
  • The value of hiring mavericks - Pgs. 61-62
  • A no fail recruiting system - Pgs. 62-65
  • The high performance coaching system - Pgs. 71-74
  • Letting others have your way - Pgs. 78-81
  • The real reason you work hard - Pgs. 84-87
  • Successful sales meetings that encourage goal setting - Pgs. 95-97
  • Dealing decisively with interruptions - Pgs. 117-118
  • Ten warning signs of low morale - Pgs. 128-31
  • Learning's relationship to high morale - Pgs. 143-44
  • How to keep top achievers happy - Pgs. 145-46
  • How to run a successful sales contest - Pgs. 149-51
  • Using meetings to boost morale - Pgs. 151-53
  • Handling the 90-day I want to quit syndrome - Pgs. 158-59
  • How to get a top salesperson back after a self-initiated termination - Pg. 160
  • What makes an idea, a product or a team successful Pg. 177
  • Developing a management training program - Pgs. 179-82
  • "Here's to the Crazy Ones" - 185-86
  • The problem solving process - Pgs. 193-95
  • How to handle a prima donna" - Pgs. 199-200
  • Turning adversaries into supporters - Pg. 202
  • What to do when you have a mass walkout - Pgs. 202-04
  • An unending management training program - Pgs. 206-09
  • Never stop selling your company to your company - Pgs. 209-10
  • A very realistic look at leadership during change - Pgs. 215-17
  • Launching change successfully - Pgs. 221-24
  • A special leadership lesson from behind the walls of San Quentin - Pgs. 227-29
  • The ultimate challenge - Pg. 231

You, no doubt, can see why we're really excited about this well timed book as an answer for these challenging times when the heat is on.

The best is yet to be!

NOTE: Danny's books are now in 28 languages.

Be sure to take a moment to also read the Foreword written by Danny's 103 year old friend, Ellie Newton.

    $16.95 plus $6.00 S&H

Seize the Day: 7 Steps to Achieving the Extraordinary in an Ordinary World

Autographed Soft Back Book

This is essential reading for anyone who seeks to make high performance a regular, daily expectation in his or her life. Tapping your reservoir of personal potential has never been explained more clearly. Creating the circumstances for achieving the extraordinary is a daunting and overwhelming prospect to most of us-whether pursuing professional success or high performance in personal goals. Achieving the extraordinary is a given to Danny Cox, who takes his cues from some of history's greatest achievers, such as George Bernard Shaw and Thomas Edison. He shares his wisdom and success stories, showing us the path to high performance in seven achievable steps.

"The quest for high performance," notes Danny, "is an ongoing journey, a pursuit that is the source of tremendous pleasure and gratification. It's the feeling an athlete experiences in victory, the sensation an actor feels during a standing ovation..."

    $14.99 plus $6.00 S&H

There Are No Limits

Autographed Soft Back Book

If you're in a rut...if you wish you could break out...even if you've tried and failed before... Danny Cox can help you renew your sense of purpose, develop your spirit of adventure, and nurture your capacity for limitless growth.

In There Are No Limits, Danny gives you the secrets to developing your own personal barrier-breakers: methods you can use to coax yourself out of your own comfort zones and achieve your personal destiny.

Danny Cox became an industry leader by delving into the minds and writings of successful men and women who have broken through barriers throughout the ages and up to the present moment. There Are No Limits shows you how to develop a plan for taking charge of your life and becoming the person you've always wanted to be.

At the heart of the book are three interrelated elements that drive your climb to personal high performance:

  • Unshakable sense of purpose.
  • Unquenchable spirit of adventure.
  • Unending desire for personal growth.

Developing a firm sense of purpose reinforces your ability and gives you the desire and purpose to change. A spirit of adventure allows you to hurdle obstacles and solve problems, instead of backing off when they arise. And a capacity for growth helps you to continually strive, linking your new aggressive goals in a quest to achieve full potential.

    $14.99 for paperback plus $6.00 S&H

Speaking Secrets of the Masters

Autographed Soft Back Book

The members of the Speakers Roundtable share what 450 years of experience has taught them about giving compelling presentations.

$14.98 plus $6.00 S&H

Audio and Video

There are No Limits Cox VideoThere Are No Limits

One hour recorded live with an audience of 1000.
It's all here in Danny's very popular keynote presentaton--his failure to success story, the challenges, the learning experiences, his unique humor and much more. And made even more exciting by air show and test flying video clips that you see as he describes them. It's a standing ovation performance. Great for personal acceleration, sales meetings, friends and family.

    *New format* DVD for $29.95! plus $6.00 S&H

    Video still available in VHS format for $40.00. plus $6 S&H

Leadership: When the Heat's On

Audio Cassette Album (8 cassettes)

Learn the power packed leadership techniques that Danny used to build his industry-leading team, a feat that resulted in a productivity increase of 800%! Apply this system and you'll see your team accelerate through self-imposed barriers to record-breaking levels of production. This is the master plan for a high performance leadership style.

    $90.00 plus $8.00 S&H

Personal High PerformancePersonal High Performance --
How to Get It, How to Keep It

Audio Album (6 CDs)*New format*

You'll learn the comprehensive surefire system created by Danny to ignite his own undeveloped potential when he was failing. After his turnaround he taught the same system to his individual team members. Results? They quadrupled old records and became industry leaders. Suggestion: Share this one with your family for remarkable results.

    $59.95 includes Study Guide ($15 value) plus $6.00 S&H

The Frog Motivator Mug

Two mug minimum, but that's good. You can have one for the office and one at home. Frogs have to be swallowed in both places.
Danny's classic statement, "If you've got a frog to swallow, don't look at it too long. And if you've got more than one to swallow, swallow the biggest one first" is emblazoned on this colorful mug that's more than a mug. It's not just a thought starter, it's an action starter.

    $20.00 for 2 mugs plus $12.00 for shipping. (Call us for bulk prices).