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To schedule your flight with Danny Cox,contact:

Acceleration Unlimited
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Tustin,CA 92780

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The answers you provide in this questionnaire will help Danny Cox tailor his program to the needs of this group. Please answer all questions as fully as possible. Feel free to skip any questions that are not relevant to this program.

If you haven't sent written information or a promotional video on your organization please send along with this form when it is returned.

Send to:
Tedi Patton
Acceleration Unlimited
17381 Bonner Drive
Tustin, CA 92780

Phone: 714/838-3030
FAX: 714/838-1869

Return date:

1. What is the theme of this meeting?

    If there isn't an official theme, what should it be?

2. Please briefly describe what your organization does.

3. Describe the occupations of those who will be attending.

4. What are the significant advances in your industry in the last 18 months?

5. What are the major challenges being faced by this audience?

6. How would you rate on a scale of 1-10 (10 being best) the average person in this audience in these categories:

customer service creativity
energy goal orientation
working by priority enthusiasm
willingness to try new things problem solving
commitment to the job personal improvement past 12 months

7. What three things do you think are most important that Danny knows about your group before speaking to them?




8. What are the specific objectives you have for Danny's presentation?

9. What are you doing differently at this meeting that you haven't done in previous meetings?

10. What geographic area(s) are represented by this audience?

11. Who are the top people (and their titles) from your organization that will be attending my program?

Name: Title:
Name: Title:
Name: Title:
Name: Title:
Name: Title:

12. Who are the other speakers on this program with me and what are their topics?



13. What will be happening just before and immediately after my program?



14. Are there any other questions I should have asked?


15. Web site address:

Questionnaire completed by: