Meeting Planners

AV and Room Set-Up Requirements


To schedule your flight with Danny Cox, contact:

Acceleration Unlimited
17381 Bonner Dr.
Tustin, CA 92780

(714) 838-3030 phone
(714) 838-1869 fax

Or via email

Danny's Picture
  1. If audience size exceeds 50 people - Danny will need a stage approximately 10' x 12' in size and 12" - 18" high
  2. Large projection screen.
  3. A visual presenter set up with either front or rear projection.
    If this is not available an overhead projector can be substituted. The presenter or overhead should be on a 6' x 3' table perpendicular to the front of the stage.
  4. Wireless, lavalier neck microphone.
  5. Please have the handouts in the meeting room prior to the start of your meeting.

If you cannot accommodate this room arrangement,
please contact our office as soon as possible and
we will be glad to work with you on other arrangements.
Phone us at: 714/838-3030

Visual Presenter and Projector
NOTE: The Lectern is not needed - it just happened to be on the stage at this event.

This visual presenter is used in conjunction with the projector shown below with front or rear projection format.